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Sunday, January 08, 2006

God's Wrath?

I can't say that I have personally received any revelations that imply that this is the case. The truth is that PM Sharon is very old, and it wouldn't take a prophet to say that he is near to death, stroke or no stroke. Also, PM Sharon has a multitude of trouble in his lap. For him, death may be more of a blessing than a curse. He is under constant threat of money related corruption charges; he (and his nation) is hated by nearly every neighboring nation, including the one unofficial nation within its own boarder; nearly every other nation is telling him what to do; and, over a third (my own estimate which might be off by a few % points) of his own nation is highly pissed off at him; Although I doubt that PM Sharon's illness is an illusion, if I were him, I might arrange my own apparent death!

If Ariel Sharon really is on the brink of death as a result of his decisions regarding 'The Land,' then so are many other people. Ariel Sharon is a politician. Although he may at times promote his own ideas, many of his actions are shaped by his populace and by pressures from other nations, especially those with more power and influence than his own. The most obvious influence on Israeli politics is the USA, a nation which some Israeli's even look to as their savior. I would not at all be surprised if our government (USA) were even forcing Ariel Sharon with evidence of his 'corruptions' to withdraw from Gaza. Our nation is just as responsible -if not more responsible- for partitioning Israel than Ariel Sharon is.

Israel was commanded to not make covenants with other nations, but to rely on YHVH. Everytime Israel went to another nation for protection, trusting in the might of their chariots and horsemen, Israel was torn apart, exiled and desolated. Eventually the nations that they covenanted with became their enemies. The United States is playing the dangerous role of Israel's savior. History shows that Israel's hope in another nation is misplaced, and it is only a matter of time before the US turns against them like a rabid dog.

In Scripture, there are blessings for obedience and curses (woes) for disobedience in both the Old and New Testament. Yet, the rain falls on the just and the unjust, and even the lives of the righteous end in death. Perhaps there are times when the righteous are delivered as Lot was from the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah; but, there are also times when distress, death and terror fall on those who have not sown unrighteousness. It seems to me that YHVH is often recorded as warning the objects of his wrath in advance so that they might have the opportunity to repent; when they continued in their sins and wrath then came, they would know that it is YHVH who is God. The righteous who lived cursed lives gain a greater reward; and the wicked who have been blessed in this life will receive no mercy when they wake from death. Although YHVH can reveal his might by destroying a life, a city or a nation, He also reveals it through salvation.

There are difficult times ahead for everyone. Each day brings us closer to "The day of wrath," "The day of the LORD." We aren't going to be wisked away from trouble, but we will perservere through it. Some will be killed, some others will be tortured. Those who are killed and tortured, those who have already suffered, do not do so as a result of their sins. But when "The Day" finally comes, it will not be a day of wrath for those who love Him. It will be a day of rest.


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