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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Ariel Sharon and God's Wrath?

While Ariel Sharon, Prime Minister of Israel, lies dying in a hospital, Pat Robertson anounces to the world that PM Sharon's almost certain death is the wrath of God on PM Sharon for kicking Jews out of Gaza and giving part of the land to Palestinians. Meanwhile, many christians are engaging in damage control so their image of their non-judgemental religion/God does not topple. One Christian commentator quoting scripture stated in rebuke of Pat Robertson that no one knows the judgements of God.

There are at least four issues I could discuss in regards to these current events. Is Ariel Sharon being punished? Why was it okay for prophets announce an event as being a judgement, if no one knows the judgements of God? Is it wrong for Israel to split the land? If Ariel Sharon is being punished, what about the USA since our government is pushing Israel to create a Palestinian State? Is the USA being judged (hurricanes, fires, landslides, recession, inflation, etc)? Does YHVH punish/discipline people during their lifetime? Does YHVH only bring judgement on non-believers in their lifetime? How does one define "believer?" Does YHVH judge believers ever? What are His standards? Are the standards for believers, different than those of non-believers? Do I ask too many questions? I think I just listed more than four issues. I can't decide which one to start on. Leave a comment if you have a preference. I may write regarding one or more of the above questions next time.


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