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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Thus Saith Someone: Thou Shalt Call the Sun 'Jesus' and He Who Doth Not Observe The Winter Solstice Shall Be Condemned

Four years ago, my husband and I concluded that the roots of Christmas regardless of the sales pitch is not Christian. Even before that, we began to dispose of the obvious pagan practices in which many people unknowingly participate during this time of the returning of the sun. I won't bother to lay out the details or the history of the Sol Invictus and similar pagan holy days centered around the solstice, nor will I bother to explain how these pagan practices became integrated into Christianity. This information is easily found via numerous sources, and information on its origins are even published in newspapers during the holiday season.

Every year I am amazed and hurt at how much other Christians judge us for the decision we made. Its ironic that these who judge us go on to accuse us of forsaking grace and being bound by law. By what law do they judge us? Where is their grace? These people are the ones who are bound, not us. And, if I were to be bound, I'd rather be bound by loving commands given by our Heavenly Father, than by the traditions and expectation of the masses. We desire to serve YHVH with all our hearts, minds and souls; to do what is pleasing in His sight because He loves us. We can show our love in return by seeking and doing his will. Not our will, but His be done.

In this season I truly feel like a stranger in this world, and know what it means to be in the world, but not of it.


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