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I have what is probably an insatiable desire to search out the answers to what may be impossible questions.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Encouragement for Truth Seekers

For some people, the idea that their church or church leaders might promote error is one that is too disturbing to considered. Even more frightening is the possibility that their Bible may contain biased translations and even additions to the text. Those who are willing to ask or admit what they find are deemed faithless or worse. I have personally been called a variety of names and I know others who have been called far worse because as you can probably see by reading my blog, I believe that the truth will set you free. I am not afraid of the truth because I know that the truth is the beautiful and wonderful plan of YHVH who loves us.

Asking and searching out the scary questions is a difficult, and too often, painful path. It is for this reason that I so very appreciate the recent posts by Dr. Claude Mariottini: Memoirs of a Christian, part 1 and part 2. I hope that you will find these posts as encouraging as I have.