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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Justice in the World

Today I read a news article titled "Prison Cell Death Deprives the World of Justice." The article was about Milosevic, the leader of the Serbians in the 1990's who is believed responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Yugoslavians. The last paragraph of the article explains the title: "It is a tragedy there will be no definitive ruling..."

Because Milosevic died before a ruling was made, the author of this article and others are saying that Milosevic cheated justice. He did not recieve his sentence, did not suffer punishment at the hands of people, did not satisfy the desire for retribution; he did not pay a 'just' penalty. However, even if sentenced to life in prison or imediate death or whatever maximum penalty allowed, justice (that of eye for eye) demands that he die hundreds of thousands of times over and over again. The best human justice would fall short of the requirement.

Does a death sentence bring justice? What of all the suffering people in the world? Will punishing the evildoers bring justice? Would not justice require that those who suffer, those who are victimized, those who trodden upon like stones in the path - would not justice require that they recieve compensation? Yet, many evildoers die in their riches and comfort, and most of the lowly are never raised up. The death of Milosevic before he could be determined guilty does not deprive the world of justice; by the reckoning of eye for eye, the world is already deprived of justice, and has been for thousands of years.

Does this mean that we shouldn't bother with justice? No, not at all. We should right wrongs at every possible moment; but, we are deceived if we think that we are capable of meting out justice, measure for measure.

I say that the world is and was deprived of justice, but there will be justice. The creator of the universe, the supreme judge of all supreme judges, has a measuring line that is not too short or too long; His plumbline is perfect, and His septer unbreakable. He will mete out justice from His throne: punishing evil, bestowing mercy on the repentant, and comforting the down trodden. The world today is without justice, because it rejects YHVH; but, there will come a day when perfect justice will cover the earth. Milosevic has not escaped justice, he has entered into it.

By the way, the article I mentioned can be found here.


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